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To be eligible for the 2022 competition, entries must have been produced and released after January 1, 2020. The festival only accepts video content related to the promotion of tourism and the travel industry.
The same film can be entered into different categories.
Entries can be submitted by film producers and filmmakers, clients, production companies, advertising, PR or communication agencies, TV stations and students.
It is mandatory to fill in the entry form available on the festival website.
The entrant must own the copyright of the participating Video or have permission to use it.



Regardless of the registration date, all requested materials must be submitted to the festival by April 15.



Due to technological advances in digital media, the festival accepts a wide range of formats concerning the types of production:


  • Up to 1 min - Commercials: Web, TV or Cinema.

  • Up to 15 min. - Brand & Promotional videos, Promotional Campaign Videos, Web and Social Media Videos.

  • Web Video Series or Campaigns.

  • Vertical videos.


Regarding the theme, we advise you to select the category that most closely relates to your submissions primary purpose, content, or target audience.

The thematic categories available are:


A- Tourism Destinations – City: Related with the City Promotion; ​​


B- Tourism Destination – Region: Related with the promotion of a Region or Island; 


C- Tourism Destination – Country: Related with the Country Promotion; 


D- Tourism Products

Thematic Related with: Film Locations; Cultural Tourism; Health & Wellness Tourism; Industrial Tourism; Gastronomic Tourism; Rural Tourism & Agritourism; Religious tourism; Shopping tourism; MICE Tourism; Medical tourism; Wine tourism; Rural tourism; Astro Tourism; Responsible Tourism; Natural Attractions; etc.

E- Tourism Services

Thematic Related with: Accommodation (Hotels/Resorts, Private Game Reserves, Villas, Boutique Hotels, Guest Houses, Lodges, B&B); Safari Holidays; Tour operators; Transport Companies (Car Rental, Airlines, Limousines, Ferries, Railways, Cruises); Other Tourism Services (Tourism Agencies, Tour Guiding, Restaurants, DMC, Group Travel Companies, Private Travel Companies); Sports and Adventure Travel (Sailing, Sea Sports, Diving, Surfing, Hiking, Skiing, Bicycle Touring); Outdoor activities, Extreme Sports;


F- Independent Travel Video

Thematic Related with: Non-budget or non-client videos; Videos from independent filmmakers;




The official language of the Festival is English.
Registrations are accepted in any language provided but must have the following requirements:

  • Subtitles or voice-over in English;

  • Synopsis in English (complete scripts are not accepted);

The film must have the subtitles inserted.




The Films' links (YouTube/Vimeo) must be submitted during the registration form completion.
Should the film exceed the allowed file size on the registration form, you can send it via:

WeTransfer – – files up to 2GB or MyAirBridge - - Files up to 20GB




The international jury is composed of professionals and experts from the Video and Cinema industry, Tourism, Marketing and Communication.
Gold and Silver Trophies can be awarded in each category and subcategories.

The Grand Prix is selected among the Gold Winners.

The jury may select additional entries for special recognition.

Duplicate trophies and diplomas can, of course, be ordered and purchased at any time.


The International Jury selects the videos to be awarded based on the following criteria’s:


Impact – what you feel when you view the video for the first time. Does the video evoke an emotion? Does the video engage you from the onset, or does it lose momentum?


Creativity – Was the production able to convey their idea, message, or thought in a unique and imaginative way? Usage of camera, music, and editing.


Style – Was the production able to showcase their personal originality and technique to influence how the video is presented and interpreted.


Subject Matter – was the subject matter addressed in the narrative, performance, and music (if applicable) in the video appropriately represent the goals and target group?


Storytelling – Was the video able to evoke the viewer’s imagination? Is the story being told the right story for the brand, service, product or thematic?


Goals Effectiveness – Does the Subject Matter/Content/Performance fall within the thematic? Is it relevant? What is the Impact? What does the Entry emote, within a Visual, Emotional, Aesthetic, and Intellectual context?


The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any registration or nomination that violates trademarks, infringes copyrights, impersonates third parties, makes threats of violence, promotes illegal activities, promotes pornography, spam, engages in abusive behaviour or promises anything of value in exchange for a nomination or if initial entry to the competition is void where prohibited by law.




When registering a video in the Festival, the participant assures the ownership of all the rights inherent to the registration and the access to those same rights during the Festival. The registration guarantees that the rights of use held by the authors, copyright owners and other agents involved in the production of the  film entered, with the exception of the rights protected by the companies having the rights of the exhibition, were legitimately acquired and the Festival reserves the right to use, not prevented by copyright or other rights of third parties.

When a participant registers a video, it transfers to the Festival the rights to use the entry, specifically the right to display the film in public, either in whole or in part, or to distribute it in whole or in part in “shows”, compilations or equivalent competitions and for promotional purposes. This also applies to photographs/images provided for the Festival. All use transfers mentioned above are valid internationally.




Films entered in the competition will be previously evaluated, and the winners will be notified with the necessary advance to guarantee their presence and collect their trophy. The attendance of the winners at the Awards Ceremony is strongly recommended. The jury's decisions are not subject to appeal. Both the jury and the organization's decisions are final and are not subject to any legal remedy.





International Tourism film Festival is an official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals – CIFFT. Since 2016 the festival integrates a circuit that brings together the World's Best Tourism Film Festivals in four continents and altogether makes this competition the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative for Travel Video Marketing.


All films that won an award in the international competition's tourism section will be part of the CIFFT Ranking List. At the end of the year, this ranking determines the Top of the World’s Best Tourism Films in each of the six thematic Rank Lists.


The thematic categories are: Tourism Destination – Cities; Tourism Destination – Regions; Tourism Destination – Countries; Tourism Services; Tourism Products; and Independent Travel Videos;


The rating is expressed on a scale from 2 to 13. The film receives points according to the award obtained in the festival.




The Festival reserves the right to reclassify the films by referring them to other categories when deemed appropriate. The Festival declines any responsibility for entries of videos classified in the wrong category or entering the Festival registrations after the deadline stipulated for this purpose.

The Festival’s liability is limited to circumstances of wilful or negligent conduct that apply only in the event of loss or damage of submitted work. The Festival organization accepts no responsibility for the Festival's cancellation due to force majeure and beyond its control.




The Festival reserves the right to display the works submitted in a “show” or equivalent event and disseminate them in a medium deemed appropriate by the Festival. This also applies to photographs/images provided to the Festival. Participants transfer all rights applicable to the Festival to the above initiatives when the film is submitted. The Festival reserves the right to use all sound and image recordings made during the Festival for advertising purposes in any medium deemed appropriate by the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to exclude entries from the competition.

By submitting a film to the Festival, the participant accepts the regulations of the contest and all its rules, and the participant shall be entirely responsible for any damages, whether due to his or her rights or by third parties, caused by the use of his or her registration or by false information provided. The personal data provided will not be disclosed or assigned to third parties.

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