"International Tourism Film Festival 2021"  Regulations  

-  International Tourism Film Festival organized by TANITMADER will take a

   place in Cappadocia on 14-18 September 2021.
- Closing dates for entries / 15th July 2021
- Entrants can participate in the festival in 3 different categories.
- There is no participation limit. Participations can be more than once with different

- It must be reported who will be participant. (Director, producer or other owners)
- There is no time limit for categories.
- There is no technical specification limitation for preselection.
- All versions will be evaluated. But the films with english subtitle will be the priority.
- For preselection process it is enough to be sent films by wetransfer, vimeo, youtube
   or alternative links similar. should be included in the Application form.
- The festival committee will send a technical request form for films that pass the
   preselection process.
- All films must comply with international publication criteria. Also must adapt to the
   rules of public morality. Films can not contain elements like pornography, racism etc.
- 30-second portions of each film participating may be used by the festival committee
   for promotional purposes.
- The festival committee can change all rules and content without notice.
- The festival committee will inform the winners in writing.  No information will be
   provided for the other participants.
- The festival comittee can show all participant films at all events of the festival and
   official festival web page without notice.
- Representatives of award-winning films are required to attend the award ceremony.
- Participants must notify TANITMADER before participating other festivals in the
   CIFFT federation.
- After informing TANITMADER can send all films to other festivals within the CIFFT
- The  festival comittee has rights not to include in the festival those films which
   content, or the technical quality does not conform to Regulations of the festival.  
- Application form must be submitted out online in the web page of the festival.

- Festival's official languages are Turkish and English.

1- Tourism Destinations Cities
Promotional films or Advertising Campaigns with the specific goal to promote a City,
Village or Island.
2- Tourism Destinations Regions
Promotional films or Advertising Campaigns with the specific goal to promote a Region.
3- Tourism Destinations Countries
Promotional films or Advertising Campaigns with the specific goal to promote a Country.
4- Tourism Services
Hotels, Resorts and Accommodation companies; Air Transport Services;
Maritime Transport services; Restaurants; Tourism Entertainment;
Tour Operators; Rent-a-car; Sightseeing; Tour Guilding; Cruises;
5- Tourism Products
Cultural tourism; Health & Wellness tourism; Gastronomy tourism; Eco-Tourism;
Religious tourism; Shopping tourism; Cruise tourism; MICE, incentives, congresses and events; Medical tourism; Enotourism; Rural tourism; Sports Tourism;
6- Independent Travel Video
Videos about Cities, Regions and Countries Produced by Independent filmmakers
and Video Bloggers. Travel Tv Reportages.

- By sending the application form the entrant accepts of all the terms of regulation.